Friends in the fight


I look to my friends for support because they’re so close to me, and they’ve been with me through this journey. So they really know where I’ve been, and what it takes for me to do what I do. They’ve been a really important part of the fight, and of the redefining of Amy, if you will.

Because, while I don’t let relapsing MS define me, it is so much of who I am.

So every time I need a pick-me-up, I grab my girlfriends and we take on a new challenge. We love to laugh at ourselves, which is something I’m all for. 

Family is huge, too. I’ve taken the time to be a good mom, to make it to my kids’ events, and to make sure they have the opportunity to do the things they love. I’m always looking for ways to move forward and improve, and it feels great to be able to do that with and for the people I love.

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