The science behind TYSABRI

Your immune system and relapsing MS

B cells and T cells are critical in helping your body defend itself against threats like viruses and bacteria.

In relapsing MS, some of these cells may cross into your central nervous system (CNS) and go “rogue” by mistakenly attacking your own nerves. This can lead to damage to your CNS and cause symptoms of relapsing MS.

TYSABRI and relapsing MS

We don’t fully understand how TYSABRI works against relapsing MS. But it’s thought to play a role in preventing rogue immune cells from entering your CNS and mistakenly attacking your nerve cells.

By keeping B and T cells in your bloodstream and blocking them from entering your CNS, TYSABRI helps reduce damage to your nerve cells.

TYSABRI does not destroy your B cells and T cells.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about how TYSABRI is thought to work against relapsing MS!