Welcome to the TYSABRI community

TYSABRI fighters stick together. Here, you can read the real stories of people like you who are treating their relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) with TYSABRI. But the TYSABRI community includes everyone touched by relapsing MS. That’s why you’ll also find stories of care partners and family members. You can read those stories below, and hear members of our community speak for themselves in our video library.

By BRYAN, real patient

Former professional hockey player Bryan Bickell takes on his toughest opponent yet: relapsing MS.

Turning negatives into

By AMANDA, care partner

Amanda proves that care partners are fighters, too

Friends in the fight

By AMY, real patient

Amy finds strength in her loved ones.

The strength to continue

By DONNA, real patient

Decades into her fight, Donna’s will hasn’t let up.