Stories of strength

For over 15 years, TYSABRI has helped people take on their relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS). In fact, 84% of people are extremely satisfied with treatment.* Watch below as we celebrate the fighting spirit of people facing relapsing MS with the help of TYSABRI.

*97 people taking TYSABRI took a 10-point scale satisfaction survey on efficacy, safety, dosing, cost, quality of life (QoL), support services, and more. 81 reported overall treatment satisfaction of equal to or greater than 8 on a 10-point scale, where 10 is extremely satisfied.

The Power of Me Time

Treating with TYSABRI helps give Nicole peace of mind because her care team consistently checks in to see how she’s feeling.

First Infusion, First Impressions

Despite her nerves before her first infusion, Rosario has found that TYSABRI meets her treatment goals.

Feeling in Control

Monthly infusions offer Gene “me time” and comfort in knowing his medication suits his lifestyle.

Support You Can Count On

Discover how Biogen Support Services boosted Cassie’s confidence by helping her identify what to ask her doctors and where to get care.

Considering TYSABRI

The TYSABRI Spirit

The TYSABRI Experience